Data and Forecasts

Based on the Weather Underground ™ API, forecasts are generated from forecasting system that takes advantage of a large amount of weather data from the community.

The constantly expanding network with more than 250,000 personal weather stations is the largest of its kind and provides a unique ability to provide local forecasts based on real weather data. Uses the most innovative forecast models available and cross-checks its output with all localized data points.

Calculation of ETo using the FAO method.

Historical average data

14,000 agro-climatic stations are used around the world, based on the NOAA, BOM Australia, SIAR, AEMET, EUSKALMET, RURALCAT.


Typical Meteorological Year, TMY (Hall et al., 1978): 365 selected days of individual years for forming a full year. It represents the typical, representative or reference conditions of a long series of years. 4 analyzed parameters: Tmax, Tmin, Irrigation and ETo. Calculations of FS (Finkelstein-Schafer) and WS statistics (weighted sums). Percentile persistence criteria.


The day degrees of the downloaded data are calculated using the double triangle method of the current year.

The GDD forecasts are performed using the TMY data of the selected station.