IrrglApp, possibly the best irrigation app.

IrrglApp makes their watering programs are smart and adapt to the real needs of the plants, is available for Android. IrrglApp calculates the amount of water, the number of irrigations and duration, depending on the climate in your plot and cultivation. Prepares weekly watering schedule, and sent to the irrigation prog.

Why use IrrglApp?

★ GREAT SAVINGS: The irrigation water deficit, the rising cost of m3, rising electricity rates, episodes of drought and climate change, makes IrrglApp help you save water and perform efficient irrigations using climate data updated every day. See IrrglApp stations coverage available.

★ COVERAGE: currently provides coverage to 216 Nations by 40,000 weather stations, reference evapotranspiration calculated by FAO Penman-Monteith method.

★ INNOVATION: IrrglApp uses the results of research projects, the result of research experience in irrigation.

★ GLOBAL: IrrglApp uses the location of his mobile phone to use data from the nearest stations and the coefficients of crops, Kc/Kv, corresponding to the time of year in your area, anywhere in the world.

★ SMART: IrrglApp, query data from nearby stations that have validated data, if a station fails, another nearby will provide the data. Send weekly schedule to the irrigation.

★ ECOLOGICAL: With IrrglApp can get savings of 30% water, adapting to the real needs of the plants.

★ CUSTOMIZABLE: IrrglApp can be modified to your specific case, its climate data, greenhouses, mesh, moisture probes, also adapted for the prevention and treatment plant. Multi plots or hydrozoning sectors. Ask us.