Legal Notice

The collection and processing of agro-climatic information, the result of scientific and technical activity developed by IrrglApp, in line with scientific and technological progress, are a form of intellectual property governed by Article 10 of the Royal Decree of 12 1/1.996 April (Intellectual Property Law). IrrglApp corresponds to the possession and exercise of all moral and economic rights, which make up the exclusive right to the use and disclosure of such information prepared without violating prior rights. View other data sources.

The information collected and compiled by IrrglApp is performed with greater reliability than current technology allows level. This service is provided with the means available at the time.

IrrglApp declines all responsibility for any damages that may be incurred by the interpretation and use of the information made available to customers on this server.

IrrglApp not warrant the presentation of all the data continuously on the server, also reserves the right to modify, add or delete information contained on this server.

Source of data:
IrrglApp accessed through contracts / agreements APIs that provide daily weather of 40,000 professional data stations and 30,000 personal weather stations.
IrrglApp accesses its own API that provides historical climate data made​​.